About Me

I am Giovanni Fabris and I graduated as a mechanical engineer with a specialization in plastics in 1985.

In 1993, after many years of work and professional training, as a commercial technician, at various medium and large companies in the casting and printing industry, I decided, as a freelancer, to dedicate me and to take up industrial startups , in the mechanical and plastic sector. All the projects that involved me had internationalization characteristics, so I performed my tasks in different countries, from the Maghreb to the East European countries, and in many cases I held the position of General Manager.

In developing our consulting activity, I have invested heavily on my training, participating in specialized courses for research on new raw materials and processing technologies, and on the quality of the Celestica Europe process.

The goal I set out to do every time I start a project is to increase profits by optimizing the procedures within the companies I manage by taking advantage of the skills of each collaborator and assigning her the best and most suitable task for he.

I have always tried to make the collaborators work in a serene and collaborative atmosphere, creating a coherent team capable of addressing even the most difficult situations.

Since 2017, in Eastern Europe, there are various companies of international importance dealing with: built injection molding machines and robots for industrial automation. At the same time and in support of this activity, they are conducting training courses for press operators and process controllers.


· Setting up 5 companies in Eastern Europe;

· Total start-up turnover: € 57,000,000.00;

· European funding of € 800 000 in 2009;

· European funding received in 2011 of € 1,350,000.00;

· European funding of € 1,500,000.00 in 2017.

Institutional Confirmations Received:

· Counselor at the Romanian Chamber of Commerce Bihor;

· President Confindustria for two regions in Romania and member of the board of directors in Bucharest;

· Member of the commission for project control and public procurement in Oradea.